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Golden Whale partners with Hölle Games

Golden Whale’s data-driven analysis to further boost Hölle Games’ performance

Data-driven technology services provider Golden Whale has added video slot games supplier Hölle Games to its growing list of partners.

On top of its video slots, back-office and self-service platform, offering rapid integration, comprehensive information and near real-time reporting for operators, Hölle Games has recently released a Remote Gaming Server (RGS) solution, called hinterzimmer.io.

This partnership will allow Hölle Games and its customers to gain greater understanding of all its data feeds, and with the co-operation of Golden Whale, Hölle Games will look for solutions to optimise performance in a number of key areas.

Utilising a combination of data processing, machine learning and real-time analytics, Golden Whale offers highly-specialised solutions and a unique benefit to the hinterzimmer.io RGS solution that can help online casino businesses improve their player behaviour and classification, customer retention strategy, game optimisation and more.

Eberhard Dürrschmid, Golden Whale CEO, said: “Hölle Games is an established and versatile supplier, led by incredibly experienced gaming industry professionals. This makes them an ideal partner for us, and we are delighted to be able to offer them our data-driven services and help Hölle Games become even stronger.

Robert Lenzhofer, Hölle Games CEO, said: “We are very pleased to partner with a market-leading data insights provider such as Golden Whale. This will help us gain the best possible understanding of our company data and in turn make our offering the best it can possibly be. We look forward to co-operating with Golden Whale and putting plans into action.

About Golden Whale

Golden Whale Productions is a provider of data-driven services and technology to the gaming industry. Our solutions integrate with existing gaming systems or can be used as new building blocks to enable gaming companies to implement and improve on complex machine learning tools and data science applications. This allows them to turn existing system components from CRM, to personalisation tools and game environments into learning systems.

About Hölle Games

Hölle Games is a new, independent ‘Made in Germany’ video slots studio. Both MGA and ISO 27001 certified, they provide ‘Classic’ games German players love, while also producing a ‘Premium’ series of slots with unique artwork and cutting-edge game concepts, often carrying distinctive German product names.
Besides being a games-company, Hölle Games is also a technology company offering their in-house built Remote Gaming Server (RGS), called “hinterzimme.io”, as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, to allow anyone to develop real money casino-games. https://www.hinterzimmer.io

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