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Golden Whale and Flows announce partnership

Set to redefine the customer journey

Innovative data science company, Golden Whale & leading integration & automation platform Flows announce integration partnership, redefining the customer journey by interconnecting data and automation.

Data-driven technology services provider Golden Whale has partnered with award-winning integration and automation platform Flows, bringing its advanced range of products to a new audience. The partnership will allow Golden Whale to offer their existing customers the power of Flows’ integration and automation technology, combined with Golden Whale’s advanced data technology, instantly improving customer retention and experience.

Flows, a plug-in no-code platform, is supporting businesses in accelerating development, fast-tracking integrations and orchestrating multiple data points in a single interface and workflow automation tool. Flows works with affiliate networks, operators and suppliers alike to supercharge delivery and increase innovation, while reducing operational and development costs.

Utilising a combination of data processing, machine learning and real-time analytics, Golden Whale offers highly specialised solutions that can help iGaming businesses improve their player behaviour and classification, customer retention strategy, game optimisation and more.

The new partnership will enable iGaming businesses to complement their current CRM’s capabilities and truly optimise their marketing with tailored automations, taking out a majority of the manual legwork when setting up effective and highly personalised campaigns.

Eberhard Dürrschmid, CEO at Golden Whale, said: “As a company that has always prided itself on creating innovative solutions to today’s market problems, we aim for easiest access to the benefits of these tools and want our customers to be as flexible as possible when choosing implementation routes. Golden Whale couldn’t have picked a better partner than Flows when it comes to putting our data-driven services into work as quickly and easily as possible.
“With Flows’ intuitive, no-code automation platform, customers will be able to draw on the power of our advanced machine-learning algorithms to better inform their processes, with this in turn allowing them to use advanced real-time data and analytics to maximise both their efficiency and their profits.

James King, CEO of Flows, said: “We are excited to have partnered with Golden Whale; a leader in providing data insights within the iGaming sector. We built Flows to be iGaming’s most agnostic solution so that we can truly offer our partners and customers the power of choice of who they work with and how they work by orchestrating seamlessly between systems through Flows.
“Partnering with Golden Whale allows us to instantly provide our customers with easy access to leading data-science technology, allowing them to make better informed decisions when it comes to improving their customer experience and retention strategy.”

About Golden Whale

Golden Whale Productions is a provider of data-driven services and technology to the gaming industry. Our solutions integrate with existing gaming systems or can be used as new building blocks to enable gaming companies to implement and improve on complex machine learning tools and data science applications. This allows them to turn existing system components from CRM, to personalisation tools and game environments into learning systems.

About Flows

Flows is an innovation no code platform that enables iGaming companies to easily automate their digital processes, build digital features, and produce applications.  With Flows, organisations have more ownership of their product roadmaps, can integrate with any app or data source quickly, coordinate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real-time.

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