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The Future of Gaming: Mastering Retention and LiveOps with Machine Learning
Dynamically balancing features, engaging each player based on their individual preferences at the right point in time, optimized continuously. These multidimensional problems can only be effectively solved by the highly specific use of machine learning methods. 
Building the next generation of data-driven and machine learning-enabled gaming infrastructure – safe and sustainable
Our technology layer seamlessly connects with your existing platform and elevates your product’s engagement to the next level.

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Data science tools for game development


Our passion has always been using the latest technology to drive results. 

Our partners experience up to 30% uplifts in retention, while cutting up to 20% of loyalty costs. 

Here’s how: Data ingestion made simple, combined with vast data science and game operations expertise, leads to effective predictions sent directly back to your gaming platform in real-time.   

We make Machine Learning easy to use and applicable for your gaming business. 

Mastering retention with machine learning


Steps into the Future of Gaming: Mastering Retention and Live-Ops with Machine Learning

DATA Acquisition and Handling

We support you in collecting valuable production data in the first place or take your existing data, process, and map it with cutting edge data science methods.

MODEL TRAINING, selection and Orchestration

Running ML is much more than just creating a model. We take care of training, re-training, maintaining, and running and constantly evolving ML operations for your game or gaming platform.


We support you in dynamically balancing features, campaigns, and any other user interaction based on data-driven predictions, freeing up time for creation and endless experiments.

Setting the stage for new insights


A high-throughput Machine Learning Operations System that enables integration, modelling, and orchestration of large data-sets for industrial machine-learning tasks, easily connected to your existing data sources and systems.

Data science tools for game development
The truth is, you are not implementing a tool or several tools. The truth is, you are expanding your systems with a new part of infrastructure - the basis on which our industry will learn, improve and perform in the future.
For your product to succeed - our mission is to permanently innovate and redefine this layer of technology!
Eberhard Dürrschmid
CEO, Golden Whale Productions