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In the press: “Trends in iGaming”

CTO Thomas Kolbabek about the trends currently dominating the iGaming sector

"Incorporating AI and ML is highly effective when done in the right way and with the right partner."

Participating in an industry experts’ discussion led by Casino International, Golden Whale’s CTO Thomas Kolbabek shares his thoughts and outlook for the current trends in iGaming and the role AI and ML – here are the key take aways:

💡 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are already an integral part in systems across industries and are certainly here to stay. In fact, we see this development as the most important step in product development since the internet.

💡AI is the perfect tool to support and automate decision-making in complex environments where circumstances, and therefore data, change every day.

💡Hands-on decision-making process and rule-based systems cannot compete in terms of speed and variety, especially when decisions are more effective when they are made in real-time and are tailored to the experience of each individual player – this is especially true for work done in CRM, Engagement and Product Development and is already producing results that change the business fundamentally.

💡Incorporating AI and ML is highly effective when done in the right way and with the right partner. Do consider proven solutions for your industry – experience is the edge, both in Gaming and AI/ML. 

💡AI will expand into every component that requires extensive configuration – and often, countless meetings and discussions on what is the optimal point of operation.

💡Gamification around the betting and gaming offer will benefit greatly, CRM systems will become customer interaction systems while configuration and scheduling will be taken care of or replaced by in-time interaction triggered by AI, custom tailored to the strategy of an operator and the expectation of players.

💡By automating mundane tasks, we will see a surge in new, creative offerings for the gaming industry as a whole – a new dawn that we are working hard towards and are excited to experience very soon.


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