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A high-throughput software system that enables integration, modelling and orchestration of large data-sets for industrial machine-learning tasks.


Based on Golden Whale’s Foundation technology, our Machine Learning Use Cases represent the most flexible, fully scalable tool for problems in confined data spaces like games, like: 

Feature Balancing, Bonus System Optimization, Churn & CLV Prediction and many, many more!

Sensor Games

Based on LOOPS by Golden Whale this special form of data analytic feedback is directly aimed at improving your understanding of how customers interact with your game or service. Draw conclusions fast and useable far beyond the scope of the single game! This service for game suppliers and platform operators delivers results for B2B as well as B2C applications.

What ist Foundation?

Design Principles


Architecture Principles

Collect customer data and interaction details from all available sources

Persist as an immutable event stream, transform into industry model

Create value by orchestrating actions on industry models

Share insights in real time with foundation and customer

The Strategic Advantage

Your journey starts here

Setting the stage for new insights

We provide know-how and products that let you utilize the power of your data for solutions and informed decisions around player behaviour and classification, retention strategies, recommendation services, game design optimization, marketing analytics and many more – challenge us!