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Golden Whale at European Gaming Q3 Meetup

Panel Discussion about “Mastering the Player Lifecycle: Innovative Strategies for Acquisition and Long-Term Retention in the Gaming Industry”

In this lively panel discussion hosted by Hipther, the premier online platform serving as a leading information hub for the gaming and gambling industry, our CTO Thomas Kolbabek shared his wide-ranging knowledge about:

  • The importance of data collection for effective segmentation;
  • Engaging all players (not just VIPs);
  • Player types, their preferences, and the need to identify the reasons behind their behavior for a successful retention strategy;
  • The importance of real-time data for tracking player activity and tailoring the player experience and incentives;
  • A successful “formula” for creating significant uplifts in retention and player activity;
  • and much more.


Watch the full video here and get in touch with us to find out how Golden Whale could enhance your gaming operation!

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