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In the press: Why iGaming should embrace the ‘Learning LOOP’

COO Claudia Heiling about Golden Whale’s latest product development on SBC News

Optimisation and automation have become key buzzwords for the iGaming industry in 2023. In this article by SBC News our COO Claudia Heiling sheds insights on the development of GWP’s LOOPS to help operators further refine their business processes by unlocking the power of machine learning:

Essentially a plug-in machine learning infrastructure component that can be attached to any existing system with minimal technical effort, LOOPS are capable of ingesting any form of data, running it through a customised model, presenting actionable input in near real-time and then using semi-automated mechanisms to constantly evolve and adapt with changing user behaviour.

(…) by using LOOPS, operators will be able to give each user precisely what they need at every point of their journey in real-time, whether that be offering them a bonus, a message of support or even a recommendation to try a different game. By providing recommended actions for all these scenarios and more, LOOPS effectively operate as a trusty co-pilot that’s always on hand to help operators make machine learning-informed decisions to improve their daily business in areas like CRM, marketing and BI – and it’s then up to them to decide how many of these actions they choose to utilise.

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