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How moving beyond Real Time Optimisation Can Revolutionise Gaming

Article in iGaming Future

With the iGaming industry currently undergoing something of a technological revolution, iGaming Future sat down with Golden Whale Productions CEO, Eberhard Dürrschmid, to learn how optimised predictions and self-learning systems can work hand-in-hand to help companies improve their operations in real time.

Acting in advance – new ways in platform operations

Eberhard Dürrschmid: “Given the giant strides forward the iGaming industry has made in terms of data acquisition, AI and machine learning in recent months, I believe we’re now entering a pivotal moment where the better-run platforms are switching from being reactive to proactive.

These days, more and more companies are starting to employ prediction-based models that are informed by reliable data to make educated guesses about how their customers are likely to behave – and that’s definitely a big deal for the sector.

Arguably the best way to think about these optimised predictions and how they can assist your business is to liken the process to having a very local weather forecast. When you have this information, you can better prepare yourself for the day ahead and utilising predictions is certainly no different – armed with reliable data that’s structured in a coherent manner, you can begin painting an accurate picture of user activity on your platform in general and also identify specific patterns in customer behaviour.”

Read the full article at iGaming Future to learn more about

  • getting data acquisition right
  • new ways in platform operations (acting in advance!)
  • using machine learning as a very local “weather forecast”
  • self-optimising game systems (feedback loops!)
  • reinforcement-based cycles considering self-inflicted changes
  • impact on bottom-line and overall success


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