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Golden Whale sponsors iGX Summit in Geneva

Meet our team and hear our experts discuss the latest trends in Machine Learning and Customer Experience in Geneva April 18-19, 2024

The New iGaming Customer Experience Summit: Where Innovation Takes Centre Stage to Capture and Retain the Next Generation of Players

Golden Whale is proud to sponsor iGX Summit 2024, which brings together CMOs and top-level leaders in Marketing, Acquisition, and Retention from the most prominent iGaming operators across the globe, in Geneva, Switzerland this April.

During the conference, our COO, Claudia Heiling, will take the stage together with our esteemed partner, Delia Töpfer, Head of Customer Success Management at Grand Casino Baden, to share insights and discuss the future of player retention in this fireside chat on April 18th, 2024:

Super Human Engagement: How to construct retention with machine learning, gamification and timely personalized engagement

Don’t miss out and meet the Golden Whale team on site, and learn more about how to make the most out of your data infrastructure setup, implement AI and machine learning for scalable, personalized marketing campaigns, track player journeys, identify gaps, and enhance retention.

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