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Our CTO’s interview about Golden Whale’s highly innovative concept of “Sensor Games”

How machine learning opens up new world of possibilities for game creation

iGaming NEXT talked to Golden Whale’s CTO Thomas Kolbabek about “Sensor Games by Golden Whale” and the advantages they can provide to both game operators and suppliers:

We consider Sensor Games to be games that are connected to machine learning models calibrated towards a specific game and that use certain data to predict user behaviour in different dimensions. This information can help operators steer their customer management more precisely, thus making the game more sellable for the supplier.

The approach of using the game as a sensor can be applied to all content available to online gaming operators (…). By using the system and tools that we have developed, our partners can turn any title in their portfolio into a Sensor Game and even integrate this process into their product roadmaps while their developers are creating new titles.

In practice, we help the studio to gather enough relevant data in an optimal format to make the machine learning models that we have developed and apply work as efficiently as possible. Once they are fired up and become established, our system delivers real-time answers to questions about game mechanics and/or user behaviour. For the developer, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating titles, they can be confident will not only meet but exceed player expectations and create additional value to operators.

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