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In the Press: The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Interview in G3 Newswire

G3 Newswire sat down with Golden Whale Productions’ Co-Founder and COO, Claudia Heiling, discussing how combining reinforcement-based systems with machine learning technology enables CRM teams to gain insights about their customers in a fraction of the time it takes to do manual A/B testing:

With the predictive part of our system, we get an educated guess about the future behaviour on the level of single users. This means that in the long run, we may even find ourselves in a position where we can work with a customer’s needs before he or she has made a conscious decision about something.

Being that much ahead of the curve will produce a new generation of products that cater to the demand of the customers in a way that’s never been seen before, ultimately resulting in an incredibly personalised user experience that can potentially be completely different from customer to customer.

This can, of course, be of huge benefit from an engagement point of view and should open up plenty of new and interesting avenues for CRM teams.

Read the full interview at G3 Newswire to dive into:

  • The impact of reinforcement-based systems on CRM activity
  • How Machine Learning-models utilise user data to test hypotheses and refine assumptions over time
  • Examples of specific scenarios for CRM managers testing reinforcement systems
  • How the role of a CRM manager will change as this technology becomes more commonplace
  • Creating automated, iterative loops that consider self-inflicted changes to the data
  • Being far more proactive in efforts to engage with customers, leading to overall benefits for the customer experience

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